rdclark & associates llc

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Mitchell Clark

Vertically integrated foundry experts, TS certified, privately owned, poised and ready to exceed your manufacturing requirements.                             

Privately owned aluminum foundry.  We have earned a reputation for successfully casting parts and providing top quality services where other respected foundries have failed.  Complex engine designs, difficult thick-wall / thin wall configurations and large structural castings have all been successfully poured with our proprietary techniques.

Suspension nodes, control arms, knuckles, manifolds, hubs, cross members, corner modules, differential carriers, front engine covers, housings, intake manifolds, transmission cases, transmission components, bearing caps, brackets, cylinder heads, differential carriers and engine blocks.

Private steel foundry specializing in the production of alloys cast include carbon steel, low alloy steel, stainless steel, manganese steel and tool steel as well as high chromium white irons and many nickel base alloys.                       

Privately owned foundry pouring grey iron ductile.  Precision CNC machine shop.

Private company categorized as investment foundry with expertise in all alloys for military, aerospace and automotive.

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